Service Spines

Service Spines

Service Spine

Service Spines provide a neat, tailored solution to deliver services where required in a hygienic fashion.

Service spines are built around an angle framework, clad with stainless steel exterior panels, complete with a stainless steel skirt around the base allowing a hygienic barrier between the user and the services.

Complete with perforated door access to both ends.

Available with an optional riser to the end, to enclose vertical services as required.

All service spines are manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Construction.
Satin Brushed Finish.
Stainless Steel Base Skirt.
Louvred Access Doors to both ends.

Service Riser (2m or 3m high).
Grill Brackets.
Goal Post Design.
Fully fitted M&E.
Bespoke – please ask.

All units are bespoke.

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