Ice Wells and Speed Rails

Ice Wells and Speed Rails

At Stellex, we manufacture ice wells and speed rails – designed to be used in busy bars, pubs and restaurants. They are primarily constructed from stainless steel, which has a high corrosion resistance and is extremely hygienic and clean compared to most other materials.

Speed Rails

Our speed rails provide instant access to the most important and frequently used drinks in your service areas. They increase the efficiency of bartending by keeping the most popular bottles readily available at all times. Staff can also utilise the extra storage space within their immediate surroundings and as a result, can serve drinks much faster. It offers a practical and stylish addition to your bar.

Ice Wells

Our ice wells are ideal at allowing staff to quickly add and serve ice to the drinks they’re making. They are typically stored under the counter top of the bar, keeping frozen ice at hand for when needed. An ice well can provide a more efficient and professional level of service to paying customers.

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