Hot Cupboards

Hot Cupboards

Hot cupboards are used to keep larger batches of plated food warm, ready to be served. Several different environments and businesses can take advantage of these units, from nursing homes to staff and school canteens.

They are not designed to cook food, instead keeping food at controlled temperatures suited to the dish. These temperatures are usually managed using manual or digital controls. All food is kept behind stainless steel doors which can be easily opened and closed for efficient serving, incorporating shelves to help populate and store a variety of meals.

As part of our range at Stellex, we offer the following products:

These units can be static or manufactured with castors to allow transportation. For example, a nursing home may rely and benefit from using a hot cupboard with castors installed. It would be normal procedure to have food taken around to each individual.

Stellex Bain-Marie

Hot cupboards can be fitted with Bain Marie toppers. Often called a water bath, they allow gentle, controllable heating of food using completely sealed wells. These wells are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and are designed to accept vessels to a depth of 150mm. Available as either dry or wet heat options, they are independently heated and thermostatically controlled.

  • Dry Option – Dry heat Bains Marie does not use water, instead the steel containers are heated directly.
  • Wet Option – Wet heat Bains Marie use a chamber of hot water to keep food warm.

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