Garment Dispenser

Garment Dispenser

Garment Dispenser

Our garment dispenser is used in a wide variety of industries such as the food and pharmaceutical sectors. They are ideal for storing uniforms, workwear and a range of other items such as safety equipment and consumables. It’s great for organising and distributing workwear, providing hygienic procedures which many industries rely upon. Each staff member will have access to clean garments through their own personal locker. This prevents the risk of cross contamination between clean and dirty overalls. We also offer etching and engraving to suit your needs.

The garment dispenser is manufactured in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. It’s a strong unit which can help withstand any damages or potential forced entries. As a result, all contents inside are protected.

To complement our range of lockers, we also design and manufacture the garment collector. Perfect for those who are looking to deposit soiled clothing and other types of workwear.

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