Cafe Counters

Cafe Counters

At Stellex we provide a full service to the cafe sector. We take our clients through the design, manufacture and installation of our high quality cafe counters.

Cafe Counters

We specialise in bespoke cafe counters that suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, focusing on your vision of the end result.

We fulfill every step of the journey, ensuring controlled quality from start to finish.

Our clients include a range of cafe bars, stately homes, department stores, universities and mobile catering units to name but a few. Each counter we create is individual and bespoke to your needs.

There is no limit to the materials we can use to bring our clients’ dreams to fruition. This includes:

  • Copper Tops.
  • Corian Tops.
  • Distressed Steel.
  • Blackened Steel.
  • Reclaimed Corrugated Roofing Sheets.
  • Gas Pipework Wall Shelves.
  • Back lit Frontages.
  • Custom Granite Tops.

All aspects of the cafe area can be supplied including:

  • Cafe Counter Structure.
  • Cafe Counter Tops.
  • Frontages.
  • Glass Rails.
  • Bottle Storage.
  • Lighting.
  • Special Features.
  • Wash Facilities.
  • Display Cabinet.

…and much more.

Cafe Counters

If you are interested in our cafe counters and would like to make an enquiry, please fill out the request form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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