Split Kennel Door

Split Kennel Door

This style of door has a central horizontal transom with panels above and below.

The door can be glazed top and bottom or glazed at the top with solid Trespa High Pressure laminate fitted at the bottom.

Ventilation holes are provided at the top of the glazed panel to improve air flow and as an option the lower panel can also be ventilated.

The glass and Trespa panels are fixed in place using the Stellvet glazing system which allows for easy replacement unlike bonded in systems.

The door can be provided with an optional rail fitted to the central transom that accepts infusion pumps.

Door frames and bodies are manufactured out of 304 grade stainless steel with a brushed finish. Glass is toughened for safety and the Trespa panels are supplied in white as standard but with a range of colours available as options.

All doors are supplied with a three-sided frame for Health & Safety reasons, so that there is no lower horizontal bar to cause a trip hazard. Doors are also fitted with a safety release latch that prevents staff members for becoming trapped.

The doors can be specified with a wide variety of options including closing trim panels, ventilation panels, door restraining straps, high security locks and magnetic latches and locks (no safety release).

Doors are provided complete with frames, hinges and safety release latch as standard. The standard size is 780mm wide by 2000mm high, however any size can be specified to suit individual requirements.

304 grade stainless steel construction
Satin brushed finish
30mm box section construction
Ventilation holes
Safety release latch
Stellvet glazing system
Toughened glass (10mm)
Three-sided frame

Custom sizes available
Lower Trespa panel
Upper Trespa panel
Lower panel ventilation holes
High security locks
Magnetic latches
Door restraining straps
Infusion pump rail
Closing trims

Height (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 780

Aperture Size
Height (mm) 2010
Width (mm) 790

Fixing Method
4 x 12mm diameter holes (2 per side) in vertical frame uprights

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