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Wall Shelves


Wall shelves manufactured entirely from stainless steel grade 430, with an integral bracket arrangement to each end, wall shelves 1800mm and over have an additional centre bracket for extra support. Fabricated with a small 30mm upstand to the rear to allow for easy cleaning. 2 tier units are supplied with 2 slotted wall bars which allow the shelves to be adjusted if required. Rodded shelves are manufactured from 30 x 30 box section grade 430 with 10 dia bar supports.

Available Models
Rodded Shelves
RS6600 x 300
RS9900 x 300
RS121200 x 300
RS151500 x 300
RS181800 x 300
Microwave Shelf
MICROTo suit popular
Wall Shelves(Single Tier)
WS6600 x 300
WS9900 x 300
WS121200 x 300
WS151500 x 300
WS181800 x 300
Wall Shelves(Double Tier)
WS26600 x 300
WS29900 x 300
WS2121200 x 300
WS2151500 x 300
WS2181800 x 300
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