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Free Standing Hot Cupboards


Tops are manufactured from 1.5mm stainless steel grade 304 and turned down 50mm all round. Outer panels, inner panels and trims are manufactured from stainless steel grade 430. Fitted with stainless steel top hung sliding doors with integral handles. Fabricated to ensure even heat distribution throughout, supplied with interior mid shelf and mounted on tubular legs with adjustable feet. Controlled by on/ off switch and cappilory thermostat

Available Models
Double Stack
DSH121200 x 700 x 1550
DSH151500 x 700 x 1550
DSH191900 x 700 x 1550
Pass Through
SPHC121200 x 700 x 1550
SPHC151500 x 700 x 1550
SPHC191900 x 700 x 1550
Single Sided
SHCE121200 x 700 x 1550
SHCE151500 x 700 x 1550
SHCE191900 x 700 x 1550
Product - free standing hot cupboard